Ultima X Odyssey: Lush Environments

Courtesy of Ben “Bandit LOAF” Lesnick, Joe Garrity of the Origin Museum, and everyone who took part in the Mythic Archiving Project in 2008, the Ultima Codex is pleased to present this video, the fifth in a series of videos included on a preview DVD that was assembled for the game, but which may never have been released:

Entitled “Lush Environments”, this lengthy video offers us a look — as its title suggests — at the game’s gorgeous, Unreal-engine powered environments. In the process, we get to see castles, towns, libraries, dungeons, forests, wastelands, mountain ranges, rivers of water and lava, old ruins, deserts, valleys, and (yes) more dungeons. Had Odyssey not been cancelled in early 2004, it’s clear that its world, Alucinor, would have been a marvelous one to wander through and explore.

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