Ultima X: Battle for Britannia for Civilization 4 and 5

Produced by: General Maximus
Website: ULTIMA X : Battle of Britannia – Civ4 Warlords and Ultima X – Battle for Brittannia! @ Civilization Fanatics Center

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An Ultima-themed scenario for Civilization 4 and Civilization 5 (with the Warlords and Mongol expansions, respectively) that presents the player with a version of Britannia in which the various cities of Virtue have broken away from the rule of Lord British and formed their own city-states.

In this version of the scenario, General Maximum has created a story wherein the forces and philosophy of the Fellowship and the Guardian stand in opposition to Lord British and the philosophy of the Eight Virtues; the two sides are locked in deadly battle for control of Britannia. Now Lord British and the civilization of the Bards must fight to restore the kingdom of Britannia, as well as strive to save those towns scattered throughout the countryside that remain loyal to the crown before they are overrun. Serpent’s Hold, Empath Abbey, and the Lycaeum remain loyal to Britain/Lord British, as does the Temple of the Codex; Lord British’s forces also have elite units scattered across the continent.

Civilzation 4 Screenshots

Civilzation 5 Screenshots

This scenario is designed for a high difficulty level, and features ten civilizations (the eight Virtue factions, pirates, and gargoyles). The maps were hand drawn, and General Maximus has crammed as much Ultima-related detail into both scenarios as possible; resources such as mandrake root and blood moss can be found in their appropriate places, and must be controlled.

The scenario imposes a 260 turn time limit (360 turns for the Civilization 5 version), and the cost to advance a civilization has been increased tenfold to ensure that all factions remain in the medieval period.

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